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Beautiful Color’s and Pattern on the Bengal Cats

Brown/Black Tabby Spotted is a beautiful combination of a clear cream tan background with rosettes and doughnut rosettes with rust centres which we are well known for in our breeding program visit our site and our cats.

Snow Bengals, or more accurately, Seal Lynx Points, Seal Minks, and Seal Sepias are creamy white, not pure white, with the contrasting color ranging from pewter to a rich nutmeg color. The eye color on the Lynx Point is blue. Seal Minks and Seal Sepia’s can be green, copper or gold, depending on their genetic background. As per the TICA Bengal Breed Standard, eye color is independent of coat color, except in the lynx points. Many of the lynx points are born pure white and they develop their pattern and coloring as they mature. Typically, most seal minks and sepias are born with their pattern Info From

The Silver Bengal is the most recent addition to the Bengal breed’s accepted colors. Silvers have pewter to jet black markings on a clear silver background. They too can be either spotted, rosetted or marbled and again, as with all Bengal cats, a high degree of contrast is most desirable. A silver Bengal should be free of tarnish (a yellowing or browning of the coat color or pattern). Tarnish can, and often does, diminish contrast

Next is the marbled Bengal. Its coat is full of swirls, giving the appearance of a Boa snake’s pattern. Because of the fluid body movements of the Bengal cat, this pattern gives a striking “wild” look. The Marbled Bengal can come in either the traditional brown colors, silver or snow coloring (and even in the unrecognized colors!). A tricolored pattern is preferred to a pattern that only displays a single color. The pattern should have no similarity to a bulls-eye and the more random the pattern, the better. Some marble patterns are so broken up it is hard to tell if they are a marble or a spotted Bengal. These patterns are often referred to as “Sparble.”

In all types of Bengals there is variance and uniformity. The body type should still be the same. The Bengal cat is eligible for champion status with TICA (The International Cat Association) and rightfully so, because of the Bengals great beauty and magnificence !