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The leading Bengal Breeders in Western Canada.
Our Bengal Breeding  program is focused on producing the highest-quality domesticated Bengal   kittens ,  achievable from  the 

knowledge we have having been breeding for  the last 20 years .  Our program has been built on the best pedigree

lines worldwide and been selected  for health first and  genetics and beauty  research of all our cat lines . 

With every new generation of matings,our program moves up in excellence. We are a forward-thinking, innovative,

TICA registered cattery

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We’ve become a trusted breeder based on our strong reputation among the Bengal breed ,producing healthy

happy and the most Striking Bengal Cats and kittens  Worldwide.

In addition, we continue to seek education on all matters that will strengthen our program going forward

 Cattery health and feline nutrition are on the forefront of our program .

We screen our cats for HCM and PK-Def and all our kittens are Vet Health Checked before leaving.


Our  Facilities is our pride  and the safe  environment for our kittens  well-being and health of our kittens and cats. we have spared no expense in building this  facility .

While some breeders like to portray a “warm and fuzzy” image by suggesting kittens are “raised under foot,” we strive to maintain a heightened standard of cleanliness

and a healthy environment 

To balance our strict protocols, we   socialize our  kittens on a daily basis. our kittens  before leaving  are in  the company of our family  to ensure there trust and love .