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Bengal Kitten Prices in Canada – Investing in a Wonderful Pet Relationship

Asking yourself ‘What do Bengal kittens cost?’

As is the case with any major decision for your family, you don’t want to be hasty or less than judicious when purchasing a pet. Like it is with anything, when it comes to Bengal kitten prices, you get the quality that you pay for. Here at Wild Forest Bengals we adhere to only the highest breeding practices and standards. You can know that your cat will leave our cattery in peak health and having been loved and nurtured right from the day he or she was born.

Prices for Bengal Kittens – Not Nearly as Pricy as You’d Think

In comparison to standard prices for Bengal kittens, ours at Wild Forest Bengals are very reasonable and made available to anyone in Canada or Internationally. You can be certain all of our kittens will come with a certificate of health given by a registered veterinarian, and their first and second set of shots will have been administered. A non-refundable deposit of $300 will need to be provided by the purchase to hold their pet kitten, and we do take wait lists for a particular breeding too.

Seeing to It Our Bengal Kittens Start Off on the Right Foot

It is our policy at Wild Forest Bengals to not release our cats for adoption anytime before they reach 12 weeks of age, and often waiting for them to be 14 weeks old is even more preferable. By doing so, we ensure that your kitten is well-socialized, adjusted and has gone through growth, exploration, and learning to the point that they know to use the litterbox, socialize and play with others, and are mature enough to handle being removed from the cattery and sent to new homes across Canada or elsewhere in North America or overseas.

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