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The Introduction Of a Bengal




In our breeding program, we have carefully selected the highest quality cats from Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines. This helps us to continually strive to produce Bengals as close to the standard as possible, while improving the Bengal breed.


The introduction of a Bengal kitten or cat to a new home is usually easily accomplished. Bengals adapt to new situations very readily, and soon make themselves right at home. Wildforest Bengals are well-socialized, so they thrive on human companionship and attention. So we are offering a few suggestions to make the transition easier.Remember though, each kitten is an individual, and care depends upon his special needs.

At home, isolate the Bengal baby from active children and other animals for a short while. Let him feel comfortable in his new surroundings first. We recommend that young kittens be confined to a small area, such as a bathroom or bedroom, with his food and litterbox at first. This gives him an opportunity to familiarize himself with that area, eat and use the litterbox undisturbed, without feeling threatened by other resident pets. If you have cats already, they may not want the newcomer to use their litterbox and eat from their bowls, so the new kitten will need one of his own. Also, if you bring him home and turn him loose in a large home or apartment, he may not be able to find his way to his litterbox. So keep him close to his box, taking him on excursions through the house, until gradually he learns how to find his way around. Your new Bengal may play “footsies” with your other cats, under the door, and this is an excellent way to introduce him to your other pets.

Another method of introducing him to the other pets, is to put him back in his pet taxi and place that in the room with the other pets. Let them sniff and get acquainted gradually. There will be some hissing and spitting, usually from the older pet, as this newcomer invades his territory, but that shouldn’t last more than a few days. Bengals are not easily intimidated, and adapt very easily.

In many instances, Bengal kittens must be shipped by air to their new homes. This can be very frightening to the baby, with all the noises and smells from the jet engines. He probably will be missing his mother and littermates. Be patient with him, and give him lots of love and reassurance on arrival. Hold him close, and comfort him, he will be very grateful to you for “rescuing” him from the airport.

Caution small children about chasing the kitten, yelling, and the proper way to hold it. Bengals are wonderful with children, and make great playmates.