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Kitten Feeding


Providing your new kitten with proper cat food is crucial to raising your new pet. In order for a baby kitten to stay happy and healthyt is vital that and kittens remain on the same food, the vet’s office will try and talk you into purchasing the food they sell, that is for their benefit not your pet. 

The Bengal Cat cannot tolerate Grain or Fillers they have very sensitive digestion ,we have done a lot of research in  choosing the  right

food for our cats/kittens  . We feed our kittens Raw in the AM..

We feed Orijen Dry Cat/Kitten Food and Worlds Best Litter Or Exoqisicat  and Instinct Raw .


Early Nutritional Needs A kitten will receive all of their nutritional needs from their mother for the first few weeks of their life. As the kitten approaches four to six weeks of age, we start supplementing the mother cat’s milk with hard kitten chow that is moistened with water, or  Raw.. The kitten will have been weaned off the mother’s milk by eight weeks of age, and will be eating a primarily kitten food diet Orijen that is both nutritional and well-balanced and we have done a lot of research on all cat foods,Young kittens are growing at an incredibly fast rate from the ages of eight weeks to approximately six months.

It is very important to us that the food is both nutritional and well-balanced. . You also must be aware of your cat’s health condition all Wildforest Kittens should remain on this cat food. Also our Cat Litter World Best Litter is corn based and cannot block the intestines its a natural grain, Pictures of both Litter and Food ..Above.

You can purchase Orijen  Kitten/Cat Dry Food …. from Pets Smart, Tail Blazers.  (Raw from Tail Blazers… Name of Raw ( Pets Go  Raw Chicken and Organs no Fruit)

You can purchase Litter from Pet Smart..